The LIST of available homes in Brooklyn

Bedford Stuyvesant (Bedsruy), Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, & Ocean Hill:

Hart St off Marcy: Newly built 3 story 2 family close to South Williamsburg, $2M

Hart St off Marcy: Renovated 4 story 1 family close to South Williamsburg, $1.9M

Willoughby off Nostrand: Updated 4 story 3 family Brownstone close to South Williamsburg, $2.5M

Bainbridge St close to Broadway: Newly renovated 3 story 2 family Brownstone, $1.995M

Herkimer St off Nostrand Ave: Renovated 4 story 2 family Brownstone, close to the A subway line, $2.699M

Ocean Hill: Newly updated Brick corner Mixed-Use, 3 family & Office, $1.795M

Greene Ave off Broadway: Newly renovated 3 family 4 story Brownstone, $1.989M

Macdonough St off Howard Ave: 3 story 2 family Brownstone, original details, amazing block, As-Is, $1.6M/2.7 Renovated

Monroe St off Patchen Ave: 3 story 20' wide 2 family Brownstone, delivered fully renovated, $2.3M

Greene Ave off Tompkins: Next to Tompkins Park, 22' wide 4 story 4 family, delivered renovated, $2.5M

Carlton Ave off Mirtle: Newly renovated 2 family double-duplex, $2.249M

Decatur St off Ralph: Updated Brownstone with original details, $1.795M

Dean St off Utica: Occupied (paying tenants) 2 family close to A & C subway, $1.299M

Ralph Ave: Updated corner Brick Mixed-Use property, 3 apartments, 1 commercial, 4 garages, $5,650 income, $1.495M

Vernon off Marcus Garvey: Renovated 4 story 3 family Brownstone, 20/43, $2.55M

Vernon off Marcus Garvey: Renovated 3 family 2 family Brick/Brownstone, $1.695M

Bushwick & Ridgewood:

Jefferson Ave off Central Ave: Fully renovated 3 story 2 family built 20/45 on 20/100 lot, $1.899M

Woodbine St off Knickerbocker Ave: Fully renovated 3 story 2 family,19.5/45 on 19.5/100 lot, $1.899M

Pilling St off Evergreen Ave: Newly updated 3 story 2 family Brownstone, close to L& J subway, $1.5M 

Grove St off Broadway: Newly renovated newly built 2 identical 3 family buildings, good income, $1.675M Each

Linden St off Evergreen Ave: Brick 2 family built 20/61 on 25/100 lot, R6, Parking, $1.870M

Crown Heights:

Sterling Pl off Kingston: Renovated 2 family Limestone, a short walk to subway & Park, $2.2M

President St off Nostrand Ave: Fully renovated 3 story 3 family with garage, walk to Prospect Park, $2.35M

Eastern Pkwy off Bedford Ave: 3 story 2 family Limestone, 19.5/48, occupied, needs update, $1.6M All-Cash

Albany Ave off St Johns Pl: 2 bedroom/1.5 bathroom condo unit on 2nd floor, very low tax, $565,000

St Marks Ave off Utica: 20/40 garage on 20/50 lot, currently used as an office, can build 4,000 sqft mixed-use, $499K


Park Slope, Prospect Heights & Downtown areas:

South Park Slope/Gowanus: 3 family 3 story +basement, built 14.3/50 on 14.3/97 lot, in good shape, $1.995M

Cobble Hill Townhouse: Brick 3 family 3 story +basement, in good shape, $2.495M

Williamsburg All-New HUGE Townhouse: All new 3 story HUGE 25/45 Townhouse, close to subway, $5.750M

Prospect Park South: Updated 2 family Limestone, a short walk to Prospect Park, $1.9M

Columbia St Waterfront District: Brick 3 family 4 story 22/40, fully renovated & vacant, $4.6M

Cypress Hills:

Folsom Place: Renovated 4 bedroom single family, walk to Highland Park, $749K

East NY:

Montauk Ave: Border of E. NY/Cypress Hills, updated 3 story 2 family 3/3duplex with finished basement, $975K

Malta St: Renovated 2 family 3/3 with finished basement, $995K

Canarsie, Flatlands, Old Mill Basin, & East Flatbush:

Brooklyn Ave close to subway: Renovated Brick 2 family +basement, driveway, garage, $1.050M

Avenue N off Ralph: Renovated 3 story Brick 2 family +Parking in Old Mill Basin, $1.2M

East 39 close to Crown Heights: Renovated 2 family 3/3/basement on 40/100 lot, long driveway, $1.1M

East 93 St off Clarkson: Updated BIG Brick 2 family 4/3/basement, 5 bathrooms, $949K

Abbey Ct: Gerritsen Beach single-family conversion project, all-cash, $330K

Some Queens properties:

Detached 2 family on 40/95 lot: private driveway, close to subway & boardwalk $749K

Updated 2 family on 60/100: legal 2 family, 2 separate homes, each 3 bedroom/2 bathroom, $999K

Newly renovated occupied 2 family: 6 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, private driveway, $849K

A vacant store +vacant lot: Off the Belt Pkwy in Springfield Gardens, close to JFK, $549K

Forest Hills renovated home: Fully renovated detached single family home with private driveway, $1.298M