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Ridgewood/Bushwick border 25/167 development site

Located on the Ridgewood/Bushwick border, on Decatur St off Cypress Ave. It is within walking distance to the L subway, and next to the IBX line proposal that may be built in the near future. There are many bars & restaurants in the area, supermarkets, pharmacies and other amenities.
The property includes a two-story residential building built 22 ft by 36 ft (with additional extension on the back), sits on a 25 ft x 167 lot. The property is zoned M1-4D and has approvals in place from the City Planning Commission pursuant to section 42-47 of the city zoning resolution, based on plans, for a three story residential building totaling approximately 7,000 gross square feet .

Lot size: 25/167

Building size:22/36 +extension

Legal 2 family building
Asking: $1,245,000

Brooklyn-Queens Connector 1.jpg
Brooklyn-Queens Connector 2.jpg


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