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BIG 8 bedroom/3 bathroom 3,000 sqft house in Woodmere, SD#14

Located in central Woodmere in 5 towns, Nassau County, Long Island, not too far from Green Acres Mall & Queens. This house is within walking distance to railroad, pharmacy, public library, houses of worship, and other amenities. It is part of the great #14 school district. This fully detached BIG 3,000 sqft Split-Level single family home is built on about 6,500 sqft lot. It has a total of 8 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and has a private driveway, a garage, and a big backyard. The house is fully vacant and in decent shape. It used to be occupied as a mother/daughter.

Asking: $1,349,000

Woodmere Map 1.jpg
Woodmere Map 2.jpg


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