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BIG 20/55 Round-Brick Facade 2 family in Crown Heights, close to Subway

Located on 1465 Sterling Place between Rochester & Utica Avenues in Crown Heights, a short walk to the Utica Subway station (the 3 line.) This Round Brick (some may call it by mistake Limestone) building is a legal 2 family home, built 20/55 on extra long lot of 20/127. It has a full size basement with a separate front entrance and a BIG backyard, and there is a nice deck at the back of the second floor. The house is in decent shape; and has new bathrooms, kitchens, and new stainless steel appliances.
Lot size: 20/127
Building size: 20/55
Legal 2 family Round-Brick Townhouse
Asking: $999,000


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