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Renovated newly built 3 family with private driveway

Located on Pulaski Street off Tompkins Avenue in Bedford Stuyvesant, within walking distance to subway and the Herbert Von King (aka Tompkins) ParkThis newly built 19/52 Brick & cinder block legal 3 family building has an additional basement, a private driveway, and a nice backyard. The Garden apartment has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and the 2 upper floor apartments have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms each. Each unit has its own separate heat/ac, hot water, and electric & gas meters. The house is fully renovated & occupied with great tenants, total income is $8,200 a month.
Lot size: 19/100
Building size: 19/52
Legal 3 family building
Asking: $1,489,000

 SOLD in 2020         


        We have a few similar renovated & occupied 3 family buildings:

Granite St off Bushwick Ave, $8,000 income, asking $1.675M

Roosevelt Pl off Atlantic Ave, $7,850 income, asking $1.689M

Herkimer St off Rockaway Ave, $7,550 income, asking $1.675M

Buffalo Ave off Dean St, $7,250 income, asking $1.4M

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