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20/54 Brick curved-facade 2 family on 20/127 lot, walk to A, C, & 3 subway

Located on 1391 Park Place between Schenectady & Utica Avenues, within walking distance to the A, C, & 3 subway lines. It is also within reach of the Brooklyn Children's Museum and the Lincoln Terrace Park. This BIG 20/54 curved-facade, legal 2 family Brick building, is built on an extra-long lot of 20/127, and the first floor has an additional 11' extension. It was updated a few years ago and still in good shape. Each apartment has over a 9' high ceiling, and the basement has a high ceiling too, about 8'. The layout includes a 4 bedroom (2 railroad) Garden apartment on the first floor and a 3.5 bedroom (2 railroad) rental apartment on the second floor. The walk-in basement is half-finished and has a new reinforced concrete floor, a new French Drain system, new bathroom plumbing, a new water main, new main electric, and a brand new hot water tank. The zoning is R6 with C1-3 overlay, which allows 2.43 residential FAR, or 4.8 facility FAR. It means that future residential development (6 family rental,/condo) can extend the existing building into a total of 6,200 sqft on this 2,555 sqft lot.
Lot size: 20/127
Building size: 20/54 +11' extension on first floor
Legal 2 family Brick building
Asking: $1,079,000

SOLD in 2021

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