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All New detached 2 family in Jamaica Queens, walking distance to subway

Located on 105-41 Remington Street off Liberty Avenue, in Jamaica Queens. It is within walking distance to the Sutphin Blvd station of the E & J subway lines, the Airtrain to JFK airport, and the LIRR. The F subway line is also not too far, and the Van Wyck Expressway is nearby too. There are a few supermarkets close to the house and numerous stores on Jamaica Avenue. This Brand New fully detached 3 story 2 family home has a private driveway and a nice backyard. It configured with 2 duplex apartments of 3 bedroom/2 bathroom each and n addition has a finished basement with a separate entrance. Each unit has its own separate central-air system with ac, hot water, and gas & electric meters. The house comes with a solar panel system that saves on the electric bill of the owner.

Asking: $999,000

SOLD in 2021

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